J&M Self Service Car Wash in Watkinsville Georgia is Open 24/7

Our wash bays accept Quarters, Credit cards, or code operated wash units

Never used a Self Serve Car Wash before ? No Worries See the Video above, for how easy it is to clean your own car and fun as well!

Serving Athens, Oconee, Watkinsville, Bishop, and surrounding areas in Georgia for over 16 years. We are a family run business and we support local businesses by offering corporate tie up specials. You can also check out our Storage Rentals

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Why Use JM Self Serve Car Wash

Self Car Wash Service
JM Mini Storage and Car Wash

It is Simple and Convenient For Everyone

The process to use a coin operated car wash is simple and easy to follow. The self car wash bays have instructions posted in all bays. Plus you can always watch the instructional video at the top of this page to see the steps to use the self service car wash.

Give Your Vehicle the Shine it Deserves

Our State of the Art Self Serve Car Wash has cycles that have been set to ensure your car gets the cleanliness it deserves. From starting from Pre Soak Cycle to PowerWash Cycle to Wax Cycle, your car is going to be clean and shiny when you're done.

We are Open 24/7

That's right, our car wash in Watkinsville GA is open round the clock all week long. So whenever you have the time and feel you'd like to wash your car, head on over.

Save your Time, Water and Money

Using the Pressure Hoses will ensure you are able to get the dirt off your car quickly and in fact use less water. That translates to lower water bills !

No Dirty Yards at Home

Why dirty your own yard at home, when you can head over to our Self Service Car Wash and use the state of the art pressure pumps and not have to worry about water collecting after washing your car.

Support Your Local Businesses

We are all about supporting our community. After all we all need to look after each other to survive. Support your local Watkinsville Self Service Car Wash.

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