What are the benefits of a self service car wash

What Are The Benefits Of A Self Serve Car Wash?

Do you own a car? If so, then one of the aspects of maintaining your car is, washing your car every week. There are plenty of reasons that call for washing your car regularly.

Most probably, you either wash your car yourself every weekend or take it to a car wash center. Did you know there’s a better way to give your car a nice washing? Self serve car wash service is a better option because of the benefits that come with it. Let’s talk about them!


One of the reasons that make self serve car wash a better choice is the ease that comes with it. Ease accessibility and convenience mean that you won’t be dragging your cleaning products and spending time rubbing each part of the car. With self serve car wash, you don’t need to do any preparations, just take your vehicle to your nearest self serve car wash center and access coin car wash service to give your vehicle an eco-friendly and convenient cleaning.

Save Water

A typical car wash center consumes tons of water to wash a single car, and the same happens when you wash your car yourself at home. Do you know self serve car wash saves a lot of water? That’s why it’s one of the eco-friendly ways to wash your car.

When you wash your car at home, you consume more than 20 gallons of water. However, self serve car wash centers consume less than 20 gallons per car wash. Given that self serve car wash gives your car a professional wash, this difference is huge.

Professional Car Wash As Compared To When You Wash At Home

When you wash your car at home, you don’t only spend a lot of time but achieving better results is hard as well. On the other hand, self serve car wash does better because of the purposefully designed equipment being used while washing your car.

Besides, self serve car wash satisfies you because you know that your car is being treated by professional equipment and cleaning products that deliver thorough cleaning.


When you opt for a self serve car wash and use a coin car wash, you are in control of the money you want to spend. You pay only for the service you avail. When you go to a self serve car wash center, it’s not only time and water that you’re saving, but you save money as well.

Convenience And Ease Of Accessibility

Ease of accessibility and convenience are the biggest perks of self serve car wash. If you’re in Athens, GA or Watkinsville, Georgia you can avail self serve car wash because JM Mini Storage and Car Wash in Watkinsville, GA is available 24/7. You can come and give your car the perfect cleaning service in a matter of minutes. Since our facility is centrally located in Watkinsville, Georgia, we are easy to find and access.

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